Red Deer Public Schools wants to be responsive as the needs of our students, families, staff and community evolve. As we move forward, our Three Year Education Plan will align with the Alberta Assurance Framework.

The Assurance domains include:

  • Local & Societal Context
    • Engagement practices that enable the education system to proactively respond to the learning needs and diverse circumstances of all students.
  • Governance
    • Processes that determine strategic direction, establish policy and manage fiscal resources.
  • Learning Supports
    • Using resources to create optimal learning environments where diversity is embraced, a sense of belonging is emphasized and all students are welcomed, cared for, respected and safe.
  • Teaching & Leading
    • Teachers and leaders apply appropriate knowledge and abilities to make decisions that demonstrate professional practice standards, which result in quality teaching, leading, and optimum learning for all students.
  • Student Growth & Achievement
    • The ongoing progress of students’ learning, relative to identified provincial learning outcomes that enable them to engage intellectually, grow continuously as learners, and demonstrate citizenship.

Red Deer Public’s current priorities of Literacy & Numeracy, Equity and Student Success & Completion fit into the Assurance Framework.

The Division’s priorities will still be a focus for Red Deer Public Schools, but in developing new outcomes in our Three Year Education Plan, it allows us to widen our scope and be responsive to the needs of our students, staff, families and the community, while informing where our budget dollars are prioritized.

Using feedback from the community, the Board of Trustees will meet for strategic planning sessions that will inform the Three Year Education Plan.

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